Friday, March 31, 2006

Losing 3 Pounds

Today I lost 3 pounds....actually, I discarded 3 pounds. When we moved from our brick & mortar 7000+ square foot home into our mobile 300 square foot motorhome, I pared down my "must haves" to a comfortable minumum. However, in my peanut brain, somehow I justified keeping more of the "little stuff" than I needed. That little stuff comes in the form of make-up.

I don't really wear much make-up, just a little eyeliner and mascara, because I have blonde (invisible) eyelashes that need help to be seen. I wear lipstick daily because, it seems to prevent cold sores (which I get occasionally) and very rarely, (special occasions only) I will wear an ever-so-little amount of eyeshadow. I don't use foundation and I don't use blush. (Actually, I used to wear all of it in my youth but that was a long time ago. )

Today, I decided to clean out my make-up stashes and was a little surprised at how much stuff I had. There was junk that was as old as my 30 year old daughter and I haven't put it to my face in over 15 years. What was I thinking? Anyway, here is a picture of my crap, the rancid lipstick, the antique eyshadow, the outdated eyeliners and the mascara that needed a jack hammer to remove it from the tube. Yup, it was close to 3 pounds.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Steps

Living in an RV is not unlike living in a house made with bricks and mortar, however it is much smaller. That means there is less to clean but it doesn't take much to make it look messy. We never have to landscape, our "yard" changes whenever we move and there are certain things that need to be maintained, like in a traditional home. Because no two RV parks are the same the terrain varies a lot. Depending on our camp site, our entry steps can be close to the ground or very high up, making for awkward entrances to the Moho.
While at the FMCA Convention that we attended recently, Rick purchased a portable add-on step that takes up less storage space when we don't need it and is the perfect distance from the permanent last step. A big improvement!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm Sorry

This post is for some people who are very dear to me. I want to wish belated birthday greetings to the following four people: Happy, Happy Birthday to Mary (of Thunder Bay, Ontario) and Janet Sanderson (of Orillia, Ontario). It was the twins, Mary and Janet's, birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday to Dana St. Germain of Barrie, Ontario. It was Dana's birthday on Tuesday and Happy Birthday to Rosanne Mancari of Coldwater, Ontario. It was Rosy's special day today. I love you all and I'm sorry for being so neglectful!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Full Moon in Computer Land

Here at Catalina Spa RV Park, I help folks with their computers and on Fridays I lead a computer class where we share tips and ideas. Today became a problem-computer day with a vengeance and at one point I was working on SIX computers in our motorhome at once. It’s funny how that happens because there are other days when I do very little with any computer, including my own. Maybe there was a full techno-moon in Computer Land!

Monday, March 27, 2006

You Get What You Give

In this life, I have learned that the more I give, the more I get. I have always much preferred to give gifts rather than receive them. I have never understood why folks feel impelled to hoard things, keep their knowledge a secret or amass way more of anything than they could ever use in a lifetime. Over time I have had experiences with people from both sides of the spectrum and immediately I find myself being kinder to those folks who are nice to me.... Nice begets nice, nasty begets nasty.

I share what I know, I give what I can and I receive it all back, tenfold. It is far more rewarding than hoarding and keeping everything to myself. If everyone on this earth understood the importance of this philosophy, the world would be a much different place.

Just an observation from a member of the human population.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Sharer

A Teacher or a Sharer?
In my teenage years my experience was only lightly peppered with truly gifted teachers; teachers who made learning so interesting that I wanted to return to class to absorb everything they had to give. Unfortunately, the bulk of the teachers I had in high school were boring, rude and or just too complex to understand. As a result, I was a high-school dropout, not something I am proud of but a fact just the same. When I was recruited to “teach” the computer class, I reluctantly accepted the moniker of teacher and have strived to emulate those few folks from my past who should have been at the helm of a classroom.

From our computer sessions here at Catalina Spa, I have come to know that I truly am not a teacher; I am a “sharer”, something I have learned I am passionate about. I don’t profess to be an expert nor do I try and dictate which direction my “classes” should go in. My goal before each session is that everyone who attends should walk away with more knowledge than when they arrived, myself included. To date, my goal has been met and for that I am extremely grateful and I feel a great sense satisfaction. As a result of my classes at the park, today I found myself sharing my “BLOGging” and webpage experiences today with the members of
The Palm Springs Writers Guild held at the Desert Palm Library.

The “class” was attended by about 25 people and for two hours I shared my knowledge (aka experiences) about online journaling and how it can be of value to authors, poets and writers to get their names known. Websites and BLOGS can give little known writers a place to develop a readership, promote their books and get their names “out there”. We had a fun afternoon; the two hours flew by and I truly enjoyed myself. I wish those “good” teachers from my past could see me now and know that it is by their example that I share my knowledge.